In 2014 our NGO and all the departments within it demonstrated hard work in order to reach all the estimated goals. And thanks to dedication of IUS members we coped with all the tasks.

1. The International Relations department was practically the main one in our organization for a long time.

However, this year the department has undergone reincarnation because of the huge changes caused by the transformation of a Youth in Action program into Erasmus +.

In order to work under Erasmus + program re-registration was provided for our NGO. On the whole, there were 31 international projects held this year.

We conduct active work on the selection of participants, as well as coordination of already approved candidates. Principle position of organization now is fair selection of candidates, in accordance with the results of work in organization.

This year 1 project held previously was closed:

Accessible Projects for Inclusive Europe” TC was closed and the final report was written.

This year 4 projects were written and conducted:

The first project Inclusion should be lifestyle and life commitment, which took place in January, was coordinated by Mykola Pekh. The project was closed. Final report was sent to Brussels.

The second project Despite the differences took place in August in partnership with the French organization. The project was evaluated by participants as a successful one and led to fruitful cooperation. We will submit the next project «Despite the differences-2″ and our EVS volunteers in France are a priory accepted and approved.

The third project Youth Media Games was held in September in Lviv. Work on writing the report is currently carried out.

The fourth project “Life on the better side” was presented in collaboration with the Polish organization. Due to the complicated political situation it took place in Poland.

We are still a member of “YEU” network. In addition, after the project held in October in Madrid, IUS received an offer to enter the newly created Network «EverEurope» and the right of “first voice” along with 3 other countries.

2. Within EVS department:

  • IUS sent 2 volunteers from Kharkiv to Poland

  • We received re-accreditation and now can send volunteers under the EVS program until 27.11.2017

3. The main activity of social department was the work with children of a specialized boarding school №100 for visually impaired children.

  • 7 workshops (weaving with beads, decorating Easter eggs, quilling)

  • 12 theater sessions (rehearsals on script, sewing dolls and performances)

  • 8 English lessons (end of November – December -4 times a week)

  • Preparation for Sent Nicolaus Day together with the Maltese Aid Service (96 letters distributed)

  • A concert of TroyeZillya band

We plan to continue and expand the project next year.

4. Our organisation representators took part in Focus-groups meeting as well as representators of the other organisations working within Youth in Action program. The meeting was held in order of Brussel representators to make sure that the same window for Eastern Partnership Countries as within Youth in Action program was opened within Erasmus+ program, that is for us to have the possibility to participate in more projects. Such meetings are held in each country, and if possible in a few cities.

The work with re-registration and organisational documents change was done.

Fetal Monitor, as a result of the “Race for Children charitable marathon, the first significant and huge event in IUS history, which Andrij Maksymovuch and Mykola Pekh took part in, was successfully delivered to the Lviv regional hospital.

Our future project, i.e. bicycle race “I see, I can, I will” (as the next step of the “Race for Chidren” project) was presented during the Velo forum in order to find the partners, get some support, tandems etc. Velo forum participants took such initiative positively and assured us that we can rely on their support.

Our organization also applied for the grant provided by the US Embassy in order to hold “I see, I can, I will” project and got it.

We do not stop on the listed achievements of 2014, we already set new goals for 2015. Person’s possibilities are not limited, just inspiration and eagerness are limited, so we are going to be even much more inspired and eager in order to reach these goals and use as many possibilities as possible.

by Olha Budzhak, President of NGO “Institute of Ukrainian Studies” 2015-October 2016