Training Course: “Equal Education Possibilities – Different Abilities” 12-20 May 2013 – 1 participant needed!

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Є можливість поїхати на проект в Азербайджані 12-20 травня 2013 р.

Зголошуватися до Елеонори і до Ліди

Опис проекту

Equal Education Possibilities – Different Abilities

 12 – 20 May 2013 

Baku, Azerbaijan

1. Project Description
Education is one of the fundamental rights of human being. A person without education cannot survive properly. A man become a real man only through education and getting an education is an easiest way to achieve most of the things in the life.
The project of “Equal Education Possibilities- Different abilities” (EP-DA) is aimed to find the solution to this problem. We think life is like a race and in order to make this race fair, all  players have to have same opportunities with others.  EP-DA project involve training course and active discussions during a week with 24 youth participants from 8 countries. Discussions will be focused around all kind of problems avoid people having education. Training course will be about the possible steps on the way to solution and implementation of results.
2. Conditions
As this training course will be implemented in the frame of the EU Youth in Action Programme, the accommodation and food supply for all participants will be covered totally. In addition, 70 % of the travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants.

3. Venue
The training course will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. We plan to find venue hotel in Old Town-Icherishakhar ( of Baku. The venue will be in the heart of the city. We will inform you about hotel as soon as possible.  In the hotel, two-three-four participants of the same sex and different nationalities will share one room. The hotel provides towels and bed linen. There are toilets and bathrooms in the rooms.
The seminar room and dining room are located in the same building. Organizers will provide participants with three times food per day and two coffee breaks.
We strongly recommend participants to inform the organizers about any special needs of participants such are dietary, vegetarian or any other kind of special needs.

4. Transport details 
Participants have several possibilities to arrive. Most common arrival point is Baku Haydar Aliyev International Airport. Flights to Baku mostly are operated by Austrian airlines, Lufthansa, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, Aeroflot, Belavia and Aerosvit, from Vienna, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Ankara, Moscow, Minsk, Paris, Kiev and Prague.
All participants will be picked up from the Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport.  ! Please note that if some participants will stay longer for holiday reasons, organizers will  not provide them with transportation to the Airport.

5. Travel reimbursement
The organizers will reimburse max. 70% of participants travel costs from the home city to Baku and from Baku, Azerbaijan, back home.
Reimbursement of your travel costs can only be done upon submitting the original tickets, invoices, boarding passes tags, etc. – or upon presenting the payment evidence along with the original ticket or e-ticket (with the boarding pass wherever applicable) and submitting us the respective copies.
All the requested documents serve as supporting documentation for the Project Final Reporting and reimbursement.
Reimbursement will be done in EUR, based on the exchange rates given by EACEA, and the rules for reimbursement and reporting.
The organizers will try to reimburse the participants in the venue of the training upon
presenting original tickets, invoices and boarding tags.

6. Health Insurance
The organizers do not provide the health insurance. So it is up to participant’s personal responsibility to buy insurance for the travel to Azerbaijan.

7. Travel reimbursement 350 EUR as 100% travel costs (70% will be reimbursed)

8. Trainers
Trainers will be Giorgi Aronia from Georgia and Attila Sandor from Hungary. Both of them are professionals in their field.