Youth worker development or how we improved our management skills

IUS international

Approximately 4 hours en route and here we go – sunny Cyprus! It was on April the 21st. The Island greeted us with warm weather, beautiful views and easygoing people. Having reached the place of venue (Nicosia), we got acquainted with organizers of the TC “Youth Worker Development”. It was a great pleasure for the… Continue reading


Training course at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea (Cyprus, 2016)

Serious meeting

From April16 till April 23, 30 young leaders and volunteers representing different NGOs took part in the project under the title “Conflict management and Peace initiatives” in the village of Agros, Cyprus. It was a training course organized by Erasmus+ and the local NGO Youth Dynamics Informal Group. The participants represented 15 countries: Albania, Armenia,… Continue reading


34th YEU Convention “Job Hunters”

Our Fabulous 34th YEU conversation Team

On July 20, 45 young people, educators, youth workers and activists from all over Europe came to Cyprus for ten days to participate in 34th YEU Convention “Job Hunters”, hosted by Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus (YEU Cyprus) – an NGO that works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of… Continue reading