EVS in Poland, Hajnowka

Our team

Dzien Dobry! HI! ПРИВІТ! Hello everyone! My name is Olesia Voitsekhovska and I am an actress from Ukraine. This year I’m having a great opportunity to participate in European Voluntary Service (EVS) at A3THEATER in Poland, in the town of Hajnowka. The project will last 12 months. My first impression was like: ‘what?’ The Polish… Continue reading


34th YEU Convention “Job Hunters”

Our Fabulous 34th YEU conversation Team

On July 20, 45 young people, educators, youth workers and activists from all over Europe came to Cyprus for ten days to participate in 34th YEU Convention “Job Hunters”, hosted by Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus (YEU Cyprus) – an NGO that works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of… Continue reading


August is the time of great opportunities

From 10 to 21 August 2015, six members of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies participated in the Estonian project “Forest Tales”. Youth Exchange took place in the framework of the Erasmus + in Luua, Estonia. In the project took part 48 participants from countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia. The… Continue reading


Overcoming invincible borders; Pathway to society of equality

Throughout the world we can observe how the new wave of extreme nationalism and xenophobia attacks European countries, coving invisible barriers which are much stronger and difficult to cross than physical borders. So there is a menace that we may lose our goodwill, solidarity as well as our conception of equal opportunities also may be… Continue reading