My EVS in Portugal

My name is Inna and I just arrived from one year EVS project on the south Portugal.

This year was the best in my life: warm climate, greens around, ocean, relaxed Portuguese, a lot of free time. I would advise anyone to try EVS.

In general, my project is about work with kids and teenagers. My receiving organization has name MOJU and located in town Olhao (near Faro). Kids come to the organization in the afternoon after school. We played games, studied, made quests, did sports, handmade. It wasn’t easy to make kids interested in our activities, most of them just want to play, even so we tried do activities as interesting as we could. Well, that’s was our volunteer quest.

We spent a lot of time together in our volunteer group. We were around 10 people from different countries, so very soon speaking English became for me more natural than Ukrainian. With volunteers we traveled around and far, explored city and region, had vegetarian dinners, visited events. Our local mentors showed us things around and helped us to understand with “how it works” things in daily matters.

Portugal life is not so stressed like in Ukraine, people are quite relaxed. I enjoyed my new calm life, walked on the streets looking on people in cafes. Even in working hours in little town people are all around in many of the cafes. They drink super small traditional Portuguese coffee and talk loudly. Weather is almost always sunny here, so it’s warm even in winter. Although at winter night temperature go down significantly.

I fall in love with Portugal life, want to come back here!

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me.


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