„Breathe in”

„Breathe in” , a two-stage project that gathered participants from 8 countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Lebanon and took place in Malta and Georgia, was organized by “Mosta Y.E.C.” from Malta and “International Centre for Peace and Integration” from Georgia. It aimed at promotion of a healthy lifestyle among youth workers, trainers and leaders coming from the EU and EECA region. The program also aimed at fostering youth workers’ competencies in planning and implementing outdoor activities related to good practices of a healthy lifestyle.

Iryna Klymko: “The first phase took place in Malta and first of all included a lot of basic practical things because before any outdoor activities it is very important to know about all challenges which can happen. So we had an excellent opportunity to learn how to prepare for hiking and make it as safe and useful as possible. For example, how to work with maps – to calculate hiking distance and time, how to pack backpack and to use correctly other equipment, how to provide first aid treatment in the wild nature. We got basic knowledge to ensure our involvement in environment related topics afterwards and opportunity to practice outdoor activities and use open space for creativity and self-development. It was a great chance to raise awareness about outdoor health promoting activities and healthy lifestyle, to experience benefits of outdoor activities and see their results on health by ourselves. “

Vitalii Savchuk: “During the second phase, which took place in Georgia, we concentrated on practical moments of outdoor activities so we spent together 13 days in tents without internet connection, hot water and all other typical city lifestyle amenities. We gained useful experience in hiking, camping and in a lot of other outdoor activities. Besides, we discovered local Georgian and all other countries’ culture, traditions and food during the intercultural evenings. Till the end we were prepared for active lifestyle much better and gained really useful knowledge about all the countries which took part in the project.”



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