Conflicts as Chance for Positive Change

From the 16th to the 24th of March, the group of ten people from Ukraine visited Hirschluch (a youth center in Storkow, Germany) to discuss problems which immigrants face after arriving in Germany. Participants visited a refugee shelter for youngsters under 18, spoke to refugees of different age and learnt a lot about Islam traditions. Here are some impressions of Marta Pukaliak who took part in the project: «Our great journey started in Ukraine and finished in Germany. I was amazed by the local Germans and by the weather when we arrived in Berlin. The city had different points of view for me. But all in all, we continued to Storkow, and l liked this place! Camp in the middle of the forest, fresh air and unforgettable emotions! We met lots of different people with their own history. Probably they were really lucky that they decided to move to Germany. Some of their stories were really horrible, cause being immigrant from another place it means that you are stranger, and it doesn’t mean that you can be accepted by another society. But our team was friendly, we discussed different issues and everyone shared their experience. I received lots of positive emotions from everything l saw and heard. This will leave an unforgettable memory and such great emotions that l will never forget!»


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