Hero’s Journey

Imagine the place where heroes from all over the world gather to share their superpowers. Brussels became such a place where young people from 15 countries had a gorgeous time together at the beginning of December 2017. “Hero’s Journey” was the name of the project but it was much more than that. It was the concept of life-cycle which all change-makers, all heroes experience in their lives.

Being so much diverse in terms of cultures, languages, experience and interests, we were united by the power of storytelling. Working on storytelling, digital storytelling, interactive digital storytelling and educational sessions, all participants were on their places putting much effort into something completely new but very exciting for us. And as a result, in the cold and damp evening, all the heroes and some friends entered a warm and cozy place to share the outcomes. 5 emotional stories were told by storytellers, a digital story of a young refugee was shown by the digital storytelling group and “The Long Journey” was presented by an interactive digital storytelling group.

8 days full of interaction, hard work and fun helped us to develop a number of skills such as writing, critical thinking, public speaking, digital competences and much more. However, the most important thing is that we all understood that desire to change something and hard work are paid off and a hero is not a mystical personality from movies or books, everyone of us can be a hero.


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