«Sharing Stories Building Bridges» (4-11.12.2017, Bakuriani, Georgia)

A happy selfie, taken by an international group at the top of the tower. The city is visible in the background. One of the boys is holding a snow lump.

The project «Sharing Stories Building Bridges» took place from 4 till 11 December 2017 in Bakuriani, Georgia. The main aim of the project was to explore the method of Digital Storytelling. Anastasia Nikolaeva, who was one of the participants, shares her emotions about the week: «I had a great opportunity to take part in the training course in Georgia. For me it was an opportunity to open the inner world, my feelings for the whole world, tell my unique story in which there is always the truth of the author. That was the first time I discovered this incredible method. I became more creative and responsible. There was an incredible atmosphere as if we were a large family of 22 adult children. We were all from different countries and of different ages but we were getting along very well. The thing I remember most of all was mutual help and support. Although all participants were working on their own stories, we were glad to help each other. Poster where we marked how much our history was completed, as well as our knowledge and skills that could help other participants was hung on the wall. Apart from work every evening we played UNO, enjoyed music and emotional conversations. People, music, cuisine, culture. This visit helped me discover all this. The only thing I regret is that I spent so little time in the sunny country of Georgia because this picturesque land inspires to learn and explore new things.»


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