Open Up To See


  • FUNDING PROGRAMME: Erasmus+ Programme
  • ACTION: Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • ACTIVITY: Study Visit
  • VENUE: Setúbal, Portugal
  • DATE: 29 June to 5 July 2015
  • AGE: 18+
  • TOTAL PARTICIPANTS: 24 (2 participants per country)
  • PARTNER COUNTRIES: Albania, Armenia, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Norway.


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  • “I feel like more confident about developing ideas to projects”
  • “I found out how NGO’s can impact on youth and how it is important”
  • “I guess i have learned some more confidence about myself and my habilities”
  • “I’ve learned the basics on writting a project and got information on funding opportunities i didn’t knew about”
  • “I take some tools on how to feel better (well-being), in my relationships at work and with myself (emotional intelligence)”
  • “I gained a moral competence related to have a positive point of view for the future, viewing that many associations have a real impact with their work”
  • “A lot of new methods to use in the future projects, inspired by the emotional intelligence fact”.
  • “I learned to much about the culture of other countries, their problems, not only related to youth unemployment, i also learned to evaluate more healthy habits and healthy lifestyle”
  • “I’ve remembered a lot and confirmed things i knew about myself and people in general, universal needs and values exists!”
  • “I’ve learned that people from such different places can be so alike and empathetie and that the way someone is doesn’t necessary reflect their country. Personalities and choices make people, not nationality”.


  • “I learned about the situation of youth unemployment in other countries and met interesting people”
  • “I learned about so many good practices and have developed so many ideas to take back and try to develop them at home”
  • “I understand better the unemployment reality in my partner’s countries and was able to reflect on why and compare it to the situation in my country”.


Other comments

What impressed me the most was the motivation to act and change what is wrong. Everyone was tirelessly involved and committed to discuss and find effective solutions not only to the theme of the study visit , but for many other issues that affect young people in several countries. The contact with some projects full of potential, such as the Cantina Comunitária da Zona Franca, in Lisbon, and the Casa da Cultura in Setúbal, was captivating and opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities that are more in my power and reach of my community than I imagined! ” Rita Pereira , Portuguese participant


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