Youth worker development or how we improved our management skills

Approximately 4 hours en route and here we go – sunny Cyprus! It was on April the 21st. The Island greeted us with warm weather, beautiful views and easygoing people.
Having reached the place of venue (Nicosia), we got acquainted with organizers of the TC “Youth Worker Development”. It was a great pleasure for the Institute of Ukrainian Studies to present Ukraine during this truly useful and productive project.
This project was organized with the assistance of Cyprus Youth Council in frames of the European ERASMUS + programm and was attended by 26 young people from Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Georgia.
During the training session, we had an opportunity to gain some new skills in effective and efficient management of international and local programs. We broaden the outlook of new opportunities, got the valuable knowledge and inspiration of how can we successfully implement truly bright and useful ideas.
Special attention I would like to call to the teambuilding activities we were involved in. Every single exercise was thought out and well-prepared – as a result the cooperation between the participants was very active. Selected participants are really inspiring and smart. Everyone made a contribution by sharing theirs knowledge of discussed issues.
Also within the project, we improved our skills of time and financial management by exchanging good practices, approaches, new tools, tactics and techniques.
After the training session, we had two extra days, which Ukrainian team spent by traveling the island. This chance was also a great adventure for us. With the help of extremely welcoming Cypriotes, we had an opportunity to continue our trip to some other cities. We enjoyed the views of marvelous remote areas and astonishing sunsets. Walking along narrow stone paths lined with brightly colored flowers and palm trees reaching up to the cloudless sky, we’ve got a real feeling of relaxation.
To sum up, we arrived home with huge enthusiasm, useful knowledge, new friendships and everlasting memories.


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