“Open Up to See” Study Visit

After a 4-hour trip by plane we found ourselves in the sunny city of Lisbon, welcoming us with perfect weather and smiling faces. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and many expectations in our heads when we took a 1-hour bus to meet our team for the next week of the project, which took place in a small and calm city of Setubal, famous for its fishermen and delicious wine. We didn’t bring much luggage but we brought with us numerous ideas in order to find a solution for youth unemployment problems in our countries.

“Open up to see” was astudy visit co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme, it gathered 24 youth workers from Portugal, Albania, Armenia, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, UK and Norway to let us interact and discuss main problems and find new tools for combating youth unemployment. Our 1-week program was filled with visits to local organizations and other institutions searching for ways and implementing new methodologies in order to decrease the level of unemployment among youngsters. We also did different group exercises and even developed team projects, which can be real solutions for problems we discovered.

Discussions in the group helped us to consider the same issues from different perspectives, which is a vital thing for getting an effective, long-lasting and practical solution. Diversity of nationalities represented at the Study Visit played a big role in terms of understanding needs and aims of youth in our countries, which differ quite a lot. We got inspired and motivated, having enriched and shared our experience, we came back home to act. We are sure that this is a big step forward, a new improvement on our way to creating a positive environment for young professionals looking for a job.


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