How to make your summer perfect?


Actually without any doubt summer is perfect itself. But to make the end of our summer not just perfect, but amazing and unforgettable, the group of 10 Ukrainian guys took part in a Polish-Ukrainian project in Lesko, a small village in Bieszczady region, eastern Poland! There was also the same part of Polish participants, which give the chance to everybody to go deeper into historical and cultural aspects of both countries. Each day we discussed different topics starting from politics and going to some customs and traditions of our countries. Thanks to the fact all of us were from different parts of our respective countries, it gave us the chance to get a real knowledge about almost entire Ukraine and Poland. Also, each day we had lessons of Polish and Ukrainian languages, so now we know at least some basic words and expressions and we will not get lost when we’re in Poland next time:)
The best experience was our climbing up Wetlyna mountain and our staying at Hatka Puhatka. We were in the middle of Ukraine, Poland and also Slovakia. The view and panorama overlooking the mountains were breathtaking. On the way to mountains we also visited the biggest artificial lake in Poland it was nice as well!
To sum up, I’d like to say, that summer was perfect thanks to our new acquaintances, some knowledge of Polish and an improved outlook and perception of Poland and the world in general!

By Iryna Bohanchyk


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