Ten incredible days on the project “Education through the Information for Young Generation” in Romania

From 10 to 21 December 2015, seven young people from the Institute of Ukrainian Studies took part in a short-term project, lasting 10 incredible days, which was called “Education through the Information for Young Generation”, organized by Erasmus+ and Romanian organization Asociatia SE POATE in Boldesti-Scaeni near Bucharest (Romania).  The project gathered 23 participants from Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine and Lithuania for improving journalism skills.

Each day was full of various events and games, which created a friendly productive atmosphere. During the project, the organizer Adrian taught the basic tricks in journalism. Every morning began with world news and coffee like in the milieu of real journalists and after that, every international group researched it and wrote a crazy article. Many ice-breaking, team-building and group games united us and gave energy, inspiration and ideas for next articles. Moreover, every participant could try himself in the role of a journalist and asked tricky questions on the press conference with the mayor of Romanian village. The most creative task was to make the reportage on some topic where every group realized the wildest ideas and had a fun during the process.

In the cultural evenings, participants enjoyed and learned about participating countries through traditions, cuisine, dances and songs. These were amazing and incredible moments. Romanian organizers introduced the new generation to historical places in Bucharest and the famous palace of royal family, which is called Castelul Peleş and is located near Brasov. We were so lucky because we felt the Christmas spirit walking around streets, which were decorated with Christmas lights and trees.

I highly recommend to take part in different Erasmus+ programs because it is a good chance for self-developing, making friends and spending unforgettable time.

By Tamila Babak


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