Youth Inclusion in Practice

My name is Anna, I’m 20. Last summer I was lucky enough to take part in the international training project with the Institute of Ukrainian Studies NGO. It was held in Ganja, Azerbaijan, which is considered a cultural and artistic center of the country. The training course was called “Youth Inclusion in Practice”, during it we received a lot of useful and interesting information. At the project we discussed many topical issues, concerning low-income young people; youth living in rural areas and how to help those in terms of education and development of their skills. Also, we learned more about problems of work migration on local and international levels, we explored the factors why it occurs and how to prevent its growth. These above listed problems concern many countries and perhaps every 7th person out of participants from 8 countries: the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Germany.

Methodology of our coaches was at a higher level, due to their high qualification. They prepared many thematic workshops, games and lectures. That always made us think about these problems and led us to inventing new ideas about how their solution. So, each of us spent a lot of time working individually and in small groups, mapping out the results of the task put before us. There could be no two participants from the same country in one group and this allowed us to compare the problems of each country. I think that is important to share something with others.

In the working part of the course, the organizers took a good care of the rest, and our extracurricular activities. We visited many interesting excursions in the city, museums, and parks, tasted the national cuisine and learned how to dance folk dances.

This project has brought me a lot of new and exciting experiences, new friends, and most importantly it was an unforgettable experience for me, from which I hope to benefit in the future.

Anna Hubenko


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