August is the time of great opportunities

From 10 to 21 August 2015, six members of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies participated in the Estonian project “Forest Tales”. Youth Exchange took place in the framework of the Erasmus + in Luua, Estonia.

In the project took part 48 participants from countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia. The aim was to discuss forest culture of the partner-countries’ and how it affects the folklore – tales, legends, proverbs and folk songs. Through non-formal education youth exchange gave participants the opportunity to cognize the nature of Estonia, get acquainted with the Baltic culture and learn about forestry. During the project participants visited national park, the zoo, museums and university town Tartu. In addition to shooting and assembling process, we had the opportunity to enjoy silence of the forest and gather berries or mushrooms, of which we then made homemade jams and mushroom gravy. Also we helped taking care of the trees in the Arboretum. Every two days, one of the member-countries presented their culture, customs and national dishes, which helped us to understand the world and traditions of other countries better. At the end of the project results were presented in the form of animations, short films, photos and music videos. The best works were adequately assessed, and the winning team received prizes.

On this project we have learned how to tolerate each other better, work as a team and have new skills in video, and most importantly – we understand that while we are young, we need to share experiences and learn new countries, because it broadens our outlook.



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