EVS in France “On the road to Euro 2016”

IUS international

Country: France
Duration: 9 months
Number of volunteers: 1
Start date of the project activities: July 2015

Our organisation will send 1 long-term EVS volunteer for the project in France.
Here are the main objectives of the The Initiative for Youth Employment:
1) Identification, in connection with local actors, of young job seekers experiencing difficulties in their insertion path;
2) Personalized guidance (skills assessment, support in research of an emplyoment, training or education solution);
3) Professional insertion facilitation.
Our goal is to support 30 young job seekers (18-25 years) registered or under registration in Mission Locale, during 16 months.
The accompanying implementation be centered on a work around:
1) Information and awareness:
Information, support and educational, linguistic and cultural preparation for mobility.
Goals :

  • Learn to develop a life plan in the medium term and projected into the future.
  • Learning to live in a multicultural and international environment.
  • Prepare mobility.

2) Professional project definition:
Support in the professional project definition, key skills acquisition and enterprise’s world discover.

  • Become actor of his own socio-professional project.
  • Acquire new skills in France and abroad (skills assessment, Youthpass).

3) Life project definition:
Accompaniment in active civic life in the context of training and employment, local action, housing research and driving license.
Goals :

  • Become autonomous in their environment by reintroducing knowledge, practical and behavioural skills.
  • Become an actor in his life project. Get involved among the local community.


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