АTOL: Advanced Training of Leadership – Bringing out our potential!

8th to 15th of December 2014. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb similarly to Lviv is well-known as the centre of artistic, musical, literary and theatrical life. There are numerous museums, galleries and theatres there, and many cultural events are annually held in the city, supporting its status.
However, something special took place only in the capital of Croatia on 8-14 of December, something, that has changed its environment and society.
It was a great pleasure for the “Institute of Ukrainian studies” to recommend some of the most active members for participation in “O.A.Z.A.” -s project ATOL.

The project ATOL – Advance Training of Leadership for Youth Workers was an exchange of youth workers from different countries. Its aim was to introduce and promote the principles of Servant leadership among people who work directly with youth.
Through a 6-day workshop participants from different countries and with different backgrounds have restored their own motivation and have learned new tools and techniques, which offered them an exchange of good practices.

Besides, participants have established long-lasting friendship and connections between young leaders from different organizations.
“We all were very motivated to take part in such a well prepared and professionally organized TC.
The quality of implementation of this TC has satisfied our expectations. Saying this, I mean the quality applies to level of knowledge, professionalism of the trainers as well as services and location”
– said one of the UK participants.

“During the training course “ATOL” we have increased our social, linguistic and cultural competencies. Also we enhanced our employment opportunities, have gained practical skills relevant for our current job and professional development.” – opinion of the Ukrainian participant.

Here you can follow the list of attainments, which members of “Institute of Ukrainian studies” have got during the training course “ATOL”:

  • practical knowledge of key leadership laws and how to use them in your life
  • how to analyze and understand your leadership quotient of the techniques to change your values, activities
  • reinforcing the cooperation with partner institutions
  • establishing contacts with people in other countries, which will be useful for our involvement in social or political issues

«ATOL has changed our lives in an instance. It also has offered a lot of practical tools how to become more productive in less time.” – said participant from Netherlands.
Summarizing, the main principles of the ATOL training have continued to play huge role both in participant’s consciousness and in their work up to the present. Regardless of the TC has been held a few weeks ago, we all are still very inspired and satisfied to reach our goals in the near future!

By Marta Kviatkovska


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