Over the past few years a human society has been aghast at observing some turbulent episodes in the different parts of the world.

There were huge changes inter alia in Ukraine, Georgia, Italy, Greece, Egypt.

According to that the Foundation “Generator of Inspiration” and “Institute of Ukrainian studies” were both inspired to implement the project “LIFE ON THE BETTER SIDE”

The project took place in Poland, Rzeszow 22-30 November 2014 and it aimed at engaging selected participants from 7 countries: Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia.
to get involved in non-formal activities
to encourage them to share knowledge how to give first aid in an emergency
During the project all participants were able to acquire skills, combine theory and practical learning, use the methods of non-formal education such as simulation of accidents and giving first aid.

“LIFE ON THE BETTER SIDE” has exceeded its expected objectives. You can find the reasons below why I allow myself to consider this project really successful and significant.

Social reasons
• intercultural diversity
Participants discovered their common values with people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences
• culture
The development and awareness of personal and community strivings for opportunities of first aid and social inclusion
• language
Participants have improved their foreign language competencies. They learned medical terms in English
Health reasons
each of the participants have got a stableness, which could be useful in case of some threat to the human life or health that actually may occur with everyone every day.
participants have learned how to promote healthy life style, social inclusion and well-being
Professional reasons
All workshops were provided by experienced and professional coaches in first aid, thus participants learned a lot of practical and theoretical rules which may be needed in emergency situations.
how to call an ambulance
how to recognize a heart attack
what to do in case of bleeding, fractures or burns

Furthermore, you are encouraged to read an article, which describes the main idea of the project
Please, follow the link,34962,17047262,Przyjechali_do_Rzeszowa_uczyc_sie_udzielac_pierwszej.html
The link of the video
(please start to watch from 15 minute)

Finally, here you can follow the conclusions of the project “LIFE ON THE BETTER SIDE”
Participants responded to one of the main problems that emerged in the Rzeszow society, arranging the photo exhibition in local high school. It was created for spreading the common information how to provide the first aid, which can be used in emergency situations or may occur every day.

After the project “LIFE ON THE BETTER SIDE” we all believe that we will start saving the world!

Marta Kviatkovska


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