Arts against discrimination

Time is going fast… So 10 days that team of Ukrainian youth workers spent in Georgia left in the past. But amazing experience, sweet memories and our new friends will be with us forever. This is all about the Youth Exchange “Arts against discrimination – empowering youth” that took place in Georgia in October 1-11, 2014.
Beautiful Georgian city Kobuleti was the meeting point for 40 persons from 8 countries. Armenians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Spanish, Italians, Slovenians, Germans and Belarusians… We were so different but no one discriminated… We were like small parts of one big mechanism. Here we have understood that our power is in UNITY. And here we have discovered how to use this power.

Forum Theater, live sculpture, the work in small groups and discovering yourself… Using these methods of non-formal education, we found out that there are a lot of ways for solving a problem of discrimination. You always have the choice. And I’m sure after this youth exchange every participant will make the right choice. Even more – people around will see a good example and the problem of discrimination will become smaller and smaller.
Big thanks to all who were part of this unforgettable project 🙂

By Tania Boiko


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