Even without language we can deal through art and creativity

The great project “Despite The Differences” took place from August 24 till September 2 in Lviv, Ukraine.

Here is the feedback of one participant:

I will start with a very simple explanation  – it was THE BEST PROJECT EVER. And I’m not joking.  I’m gonna prove it.

From August 24 till September 2 in Lviv, Ukraine took place a great project “Despite The Differences”.  There was unique situation for me because participants were only from two countries – Ukraine and France. If you have some French friends or been on a project with them you can understand me – their English very and very bad strange. However it was difficult only at the beginning. The magic of ART and lots of efforts of our organizators and trainers made impossible – we started understand each other without language. We proved the main theme of the whole project  – even though we all are different, we speak another languages, we had dissimilar experience and various other reasons, and we can deal through the art and creativity.

During the project we had around 20 various workshops. Pottery, associative plastics, drawing with color, fusain and coffee, photography, films, sewing, writing songs, dramatics, mehendi, handmade activities, lots of games and quizzes, cultural evenings, excursions. I have never play so many games in 10 days and I have never laugh so much too.

On the top of all that we lived in a very nice and cozy hotel and food was extremely good. And of course lovely and hospitable Lviv added to everything else. It were 10 days of pure happiness.

My progress:

+ 19 new friends

+ 20 new skills in the art field

+ 10 French words

+ 3 Arabic words

+ 3 icebucketchallenges

+ 4 potteries

+ 3 drawings

+ 1 portrait

+ 1 cool handmade bag

+ 1 handmade tree

+ 1 the best secret friend

+1 video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y39swtQgjw

+ advanced body language

+ 2 kg overweight 🙂

As a result I came back home inspired with new ideas, with very good new friends, plans and relaxed as never ever before.

Thank you Kristina, Anna, Ira and Isam for such an awesome project!


Olga Levshukova

Pictures were made by Lidiia Kozhevnikova, Rusanna Davityan and Anna Myrvoda


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