The greatest challenges always bring you the greatest changes!

12-19 of July in Bakuriani (Georgia) was taking place an international seminar “Challenge For You, Change From You” organized by NGO Mariani with the support of active participants from 6 different countries.

The general idea of this seminar was to bring together 30 youth workers and youth leaders from different countries: Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia in order to exchange experience, grow personally and make change in their own communities.

About 50 percent of seminar participants was blind or partially sighted youth. And first of all, talk was about everyday challenges for blind people and the ways of solving them. After all, such vulnerable groups in society often become isolated and the most ordinary things become not accessible for them.

The seminar also was focused at broadening view-points of its participants and showing them the opportunities visually impaired persons could have in the world.

During the project everybody have a chance to know more about special navigation techniques, different devices (braille machine, special watch and needle, color tester and audio thermometer), which helps a lot blind people in everyday life and even try to be blind for a while.

Also a great part of attention was given to teambuilding and, what was the most important thing, making blind or partially sighted people equal participants in every kind of activities.

All project was held under the slogan “Live free or die”. If you are free to live that way you like, you’ll have everything you need!

By Ivanna Kalitsinska


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