PBA Inclusion should be a life style and a life commitment

Inclusion should be a life style and a life commitment

Such was the name of the Partnership Building Activity organised by the Institute of Ukrainian Studies in co-operation with 10 partner organisations from across the European continent. The very activity took place in Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine, on 16th to 25th January 2014. Within 9 days of workshops, discussions and study visits representatives of organisations from EEAC and EU engaged in increasing their competences, further developing capacities in the field of inclusion and promoting active participation especially of those at the verge of exclusion.

In the course of the activity, participants were provided with space and time to both learn from one another as well as to support each other. This was seen particularly when exchanging ideas, experiences, building upon past mistakes or failures, providing necessary expertise and guidance where necessary.

Thanks to mutual understanding as well as efficient work of those attending the activity, through the PBA we managed to achieve most of the expected goals set beforehand. Here, we are especially proud of the ideas generated in reference to the creation of the European Network of individuals and organisations interested in promoting inclusion and participation at all levels. Additionally, the group came up with a number of small and big-scale project ideas which will be further explored in the future and submitted for funding under the new ERASMUS+ Programme.


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