TC “Stamp it yourself”, Dilijan, Armenia, January 24-30, 2014

Admission COMPLETED!

Institute of Ukrainian Studies is looking for 4 active Ukrainian youngest to take part in the project on 24-30 of January in beautiful Armenia.


“Youth Initiative Centre” NGO /Armenia/ will host 7-day international training course on youth policy aimed at developing participants’ competences in enhancing youth workers involvement and active participation in youth policy development and implementation, and to stimulate co-operation and contribution of different actors in the youth field and in youth policy in the framework of the Action 3.1 of the European Commission Youth in Action Programme.


The main themes of the project are youth participation in youth policy development and implementation on local and national levels, tools for youth participation and cooperation of young people (Youth NGO’s) and governmental bodies.

The methods and theories used during the seminar will be from manuals: Have your say!, manual by CoE on development of youth participation and youth policy mechanisms and as well F.Denstad, “Youth policy manual, How to develop a national youth strategy, 2009.

Various methods will be used as well to provide most effective learning environment: mapping situations, problems, needs, analyzing possible solutions, adapting existing models to different contexts, work in pairs or groups on potential joint policy development projects, analyzing benefits of youth work and links between European, national, regional strategies. Overall process of the TC will be based on non-formal methods.

Team of experienced trainers will support learning process of participants, and also will help them to plan implementation of skills and knowledge.

Everyday reflection groups will help participants to reflect on day learning experience and to make a conclusion of the day.


The training will be hosted in Dilijan at Dgyak pansion. You can check the hotel in Facebook


If you want to join the project, send a request for an applicaion form to!

Detail project description you can read here – TC “Stamp it yourself”

During the project organizers will use non-formal technics and methods and the trainers who are experts in their fields will share the knowledge and best practices related to the topics.

%70 of travel expenses and %100 of visa expenses will reimburse by hosting organization with the grant of YIA Programme.

Accommodation and food will covered during whole project by Host Organization with grant of European Commission.

Deadline is 5th of January.

With no participation fee.


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