TC “Step Out of Your Mind, Animate your Life”, Busteni, Romania, 23rd of November – 1st of December

Admission COMPLETED!

Institute of Ukrainian Studies is looking for 2 active Ukrainian youngest to take part in the project on 23.11-1.12 in Romania.

Are you always in a search for creative methods to use in work? Do you want to challenge your creativity? It is time to Step Out of Your Mind and Animate your Life!


The main idea of this training course is that you, along with others like you, are going to go out of your mind and develop your natural talents and abilities. And because people are creative in something, you are going to be creative in the way you approach your work in the youth field. By the end of this training course you will have a back pack full of methods, creative ideas and approaches for your work back home.

Profile of participants:

  • trainers, youth workers and youth leaders
  • familiar with non-formal education
  • willing to challenge their work and life styles and look upon them from different perspectives
  • interested in investing in their youth as future creators of a healthy community
  • interested in using their creativity in order to create method to use in their work and implement them into Youth in Action Programme

The Training Course is organized by  A.R.T. Fusion Association from Romania (
The aim of this proposal is to develop young people’s natural talents and abilities in order to have an active and efficient involvement in their communities’ life.

What topics we will work on

Developing our natural talents and abilities is the main theme of our training course so all throughout our meeting we will challenge ourselves and the way approach our work. We will start with creating our working space, right in the first day. And then, looking back at our personal originality, the way the society and education influences us, meeting our heroes, we will explore our creative potential and we will develop methods to use in our work. And all this will be done in a creative experimental space.

Working Language: English on communicative level is required.
If you want to join the project, send completed applicaion form to!

During the project organizers will use non-formal technics and methods and the trainers who are experts in their fields will share the knowledge and best practices related to the topics.

%70 of travel expenses and %100 of visa expenses will reimburse by hosting organization with the grant of YIA Programme.

Accommodation and food will covered during whole project by Host Organization with grant of European Commission.

With no participation fee.

And don’t forget: You have no idea what you are capable of until you try! So let’s try together to Step Out of Our Minds and Animate Our Lives!


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