“Democracy: Majority Rules?”, 19 – 25 October 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia

Admission COMPLETED!

Institute of Ukrainian Studies is looking for 2 active Ukrainian youngest to take part in the project on 19-25 October in Tbilisi.

Ethnic, religious and cultural diversity all have the potential to create a challenge for society. Minorities of every kind may see themselves excluded from participating in parts of political or everyday life. This challenge is especially great for countries or regions where there is little experience with democracy as a system of governance. One such region is the Southern Caucasus.

Main problems:

  • Development of a stable democratic governmental system
  • Assuring social and political participation among all different social groups

Project description:

During this project we will broaden the scope of participating nationalities. In a wide range of training sessions the participants will view social and political issues from a different perspective than their own. In this way, mutual or even specific problems will be explained and understood by members of various social groups. This experience can in turn be used in order to promote mutual understanding among representatives of different cultures and nationalities. This, ultimately, creates a platform that can be utilized to discuss and resolve outstanding issues.

Main objectives:

  • Youth participation
  • Ability of speaking English, working in groups, expressing yourself
  • Passing on gained SKAЎ¦s to others in a creative way
  • Intercultural dialogue and exchange
  • Intercultural learning

About  JUB

JUB is a youth organization, founded in 2011, aiming to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between young
people in the world. We aim to realize local and international youth activities, to promote tolerance between young people from different cultures and countries. Further, we hope to encourage active involvement in society, without any distinction because of race, social status, educational level or any other ‘disadvantage’. We work in a spirit of respect for human rights and we highly value sustainable development. Our projects are carried out by trained professionals, mostly based on nonformal education methods. It means we make use of several techniques, like brainstorming, discussions, presentations, role plays, simulations and expert inputs. The proverb ‘learning by doing’ is most suitable here. In short, we create a space for young people, to develop themselves.

If you want to join the project, send an  applicaion form to: marjanakaluna@ukr.net!


Detail project description you can read here – Democracy: Majority Rules


During the project organizers will use non-formal technics and methods and the trainers who are experts in their fields will share the knowledge and best practices related to the topics.

%70 of travel expenses and %100 of visa expenses will reimburse by hosting organization with the grant of YIA Programme.

Accommodation and food will covered during whole project by Host Organization with grant of European Commission.

With no participation fee.


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