“Desing your job”, Vrbas, Serbia, 26 April – 5 May 2013

IUS international

This project brought together active young people from various parts of the world such as Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia. Our trainers were Nebojsa Nick Djeric and Milan Mirkovic, which inspired us to active and creative work. Maria Vesna and Maria Mnykh  represented IUS on the project.

The main goal of our training course “Design your job” was to improve and increase  knowledge, learning methods and  experiences of participants, which they can use in  everyday  work with  unemployed  young people and for inclusion in active local community life.

Final product of our training course was creation of design your job  web page.  This  means that participanstogether with an  assistance  of trainers had to create a brand new  web page.  On this  web site every partner and  country has his own page .  Also obligation  our was to fill up that page with his own information  (activities of organization, programs etc).


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