“Claim your rights” 22-31 May 2013 in Vadul lui Voda, Moldova

The training “Claim your right” was a 10 days training on the bank of the Dniester in Moldova. It gathered 24 youth leaders which represented Denmark, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Italy and Romania.

There were 4 participantss of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies in Moldova: Vedanta Zoriy, Mykhaylo Hevko, Mariia Bocheva and Marichka Iefimova.

The aim of the project was to enhance social inclusiveness among the participants, develop awareness of ethnic minorities’ rights with a special focus on the Rights Based Approach, focus on matters related to human rights and discrimination, social inclusion, tolerance, intercultural communication and capacity building of civil society.

We visited the NGO “Hope and Health” in Chisinau, which works with mentally disabled people. We have seen that the work of this NGO is a very useful and effective. Also during the project, we broadened our understanding of the concept of minorities and different situations of discrimination of minorities around the world.

Our international team has developed a warm and friendly atmosphere and we are happy to come back home with a part of this good energy into our hearts.

By Mykhaylo Hevko


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