Youth exchange “Roman journey from darkness to brightness”

Dates: 3-13 of May, 2013

Venue: Macedonia, Ohrid..
Have you ever been in Ohrid? No??! Change it! Right now pack your luggage and just go! It worth! In Macedonia you will find one more place, where you’ll leave piece of your heart.

Topic: Roman journey from darkness to brightness

Minorities – one of the most actual problems in our social life. 10 days we were trying to meet and understand better lifestyle of gipsies. Hosting organization “Merdiven” did their best for that. Great activities, interesting workshops and creative performances – that’s what we did in that youth exchange.

People: They were great! 39 incredible young, smart, creative and beautiful persons from Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine (yes, yes! We were not bad too  ) made that project never-to-be-forgotten…

P.S. Thank you Macedonian team for balkans atmosphere, Turkish team for great workshops, Georgian team for the best Easter, Croatian team for the most hospitality house, Bulgarian team for the best jokes.

By Bosanevych Marianna


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