TC “ViVa”, 3-11 May 2013, Piešťany, Slovakia

Well, 17 hours of hours of road leave me anything else as to think about what just happened.



Well,  I thought that Slovakia is not so different from Ukraine… But there is no something like the middle between Poland and Czech republic, it’s touching and unique. And yes, I understand that Piestany is not a typical city, as it was used for years as spa center, but anyway this is a heaven for eco-freaks like me;) who loves to bike (especially because city is so flat), for those who love nature – greenery is always around you, also there are hiking routes, goat eco-farm, and folk festival…



Few words about the project, as actually it’s something I suppose to write here. The instructor was Francesco, so most of you know his style of work and can imagine the relaxation level of the training course:) The topic  “ViVa” meant visibility and valorization of volunteerism. Firstly, we experienced folk-festival organized by local volunteers, then we tried to do also something good;) like collecting herbs. Indeed we had sessions about connected topic, which somehow spontaneously summed up in the ideas for  new local and YiA projects and potential partners (at least for me).


It was our first experience with such healthy lifestyle orientated organization. So if you are vegetarian and/or yogi (or would like to become one), then it would be perfect blend of  project and experiment with your habits. Mediation room, morning workout classes and Ganesha watching you in working room, would help you to achieve your goals.

It worked for me;) I jogged almost every morning.


Well, I guess the main thing I learned from one lovely EVS volunteer is not to wait to be asked to do something, but to start with own initiatives. And cool quote from TC : “religion for human is something like car for the fish”, more or less.

Thanks for an awesome trip and I already miss you!



We didn’t fly to this project, so I think it would be useful to mention travel details for those who want to take part in following projects or just to visit Slovakia. I’ve choose the cheapest option, even though it’s quite stressful, but at the same time faster than by direct train.

First destination in Ukraine is Uzhorod to pick a visa (just check for the trains there from your home city –, then it’s bus from Uzhorod/Mukachevo to Kosice ( – 7euro), and from there you have plenty of trains to Piestyany or whatever.

The biggest problem with this route it that last connection could be quite stressful, as it depends from the border, and there is only 1 suitable train – you are supposed to arrive to bus station at 17:10 and take train at 17:53. But today, for instance, it was some holiday on the customs and it took 40 minutes longer, so I’ve jumped into leaving train (thanks to the driver to the bus, who brought us directly to the rail-way station entrance)


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