YEU PETties meets in Tolo

Date: 1 – 8 April  2013

Venue: Tolo, Greece

Kalimera from sunny Greece! Mykola & I just came back from the 1st official meeting of PET (People for Education and Training), that took place in Tolo, Greece. Event was hosted by N.A.K Hellas and organized by Youth for Exchange and Understanding International.

Members of PET, International Coordinators of YEU Member Organisations & individuals interested in Human Rights were gathered together to discuss about the future development of PET. Since event was combined with the Training for Trainers on Human Rights Education, interesting and valuable discussions about the topic took place there.

What is PET? It is a re-born YEU poll of trainers that was established 2 years ago to increase cooperation between trainers inside and outside of YEU network. With the new PET Coordinator – Sven Retore the whole idea of PET became much more clear. The first part of the event was dedicated to sessions intended to discuss and create further steps in development of PET, where the main question was “How to make PET work”? The Last 3 days were dedicated to sessions let by PET members. Among discussed topics were Inclusion, Human Rights, Conflict Management, as well as sessions about group dynamics, asking questions, active listening, making ZINEs, etc.  .. and sure an informal workshop on How to Prepare a Portuguese Sausage in Greece! 😉

Great people! Great ideas! Great outcomes! We are looking forward to see them implemented!!!


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