Change Laboratory: Second Floor (Macedonia, Struga) – March 2013

IUS lovely members Oksana Savchuk and Olia Pilutei took part in the project and they are sharing their experience with us:

“It’s the middle of March here in Lviv but it’s so white outside – it seems like snow have become a permanent component of the air. It reminds us that only a few days ago we were hanging out in Skopje only in T-shirts, and even just in light jackets at the Lake Ohrid surrounded by white mountain ranges. The training course Change Laboratory: Second Floor took place in Struga – 30 lovely participants from 14 countries! The main topic was social entrepreneurship but we have learned much more cool things.
So, the things we’ve really really learned /understood/proved during this training course:

Enjoy your work and help people

Doing what you love and what can help someone is more important than just earning money.

Stereotypes don’t exist
The more you travel the less stereotypes you have, both in cultural differences and decision-making…

It is always better to work smart than hard
Everything depends on you – if you want to work hard, then you do so; if you want to chill somewhere and hope that the work will be done by someone else, it might also work but don’t complain if you don’t like the results.

International teams rock
The more international team you have the more creative you’ll be, and the more interesting results you’ll get.

People make up a country
To really get to know the country you have to get to know its people, and this is the best part!

We loved the Balkans and we will come back!


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