Training course on Human library in Italy (March of 2013)

The training course “Human library: Fostering dialogue to combat discrimination and promote diversity” took place in warm capital of Sicily – Palermo from 20th till 27th of March. 22 participants from 15 countries was learning how to use the HL tool by fostering the necessary competences to  prepare, implement and evaluate a living library and how to address HL tool and issues of discrimination of minorities through a human rights perspective. We learned new and very powerful tool in youth work. It is Human Library(or Living Library). So through this tool you see person as a book with some experience and interesting life story. More information you can find on

During the training we held real Human Library. On 25th of March people from Sicily came to “read” immigrants, homosexuals, atheists, feminists, disabled, Catalonian, Columbian and Lithuanian. The main aim was to fight stereotypes about those people in ours societies. The representative of IUS was fighting stereotypes about Ukrainian through this HL event! So people from Palermo and others countries know more about Ukraine now.

By the way the project is coordinated by International Centre for the Promotion of Education and
Development  (CEIPES). They already has run 6 human libraries. This project has been funded with the financial support of The European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

In the future IUS also plan to organise HL event.


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