Claim Your Heritage – Turkey 2012

IUS international

From December 02, 2012 to December 12, 2012 a youth exchange project was taking place in the town of Erdemli near Mersin. The subject of it was easy to understand – CULTURE.

The main task of all participants consisted in sharing cultural heritage of one’s own country and learning something new from each other. It included national dances, songs, dishes and just a lot of communication and positive activity.

As usual, Ukraine showed itself in the best possible light having introduced its tasty cuisine and drinks.

While presenting our country we were serving varenyky (stuffed dumplings), sauerkraut and cucumbers (якщо свіжі) /pickles (якщо квашені).
Then we taught the participants to sing a folk song “Pidmanula Pidvela” and to dance a few folk dances, which entertained them a lot.
The result of this project was a short dramatic piece about one day aboard a ship in the sea, that we prepared earlier having divided in groups.


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