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IUS is a community united for social development / development of the society

  • Cyclin Marathon "I see! I can! I will!"

    Cycling Marathon “I see! I can! I will!” started in summer 2015 and has been held annually since then. Inclusive marathon on tandem bikes gives an opportunity for visually impaired people to enjoy the process of riding a bike.

  • Sensoteca

    Sensoteca is a public library in marvelous Stryiskyi Park in Lviv. We aim at socialization of impaired people. Inclusive friendly. Cultural youth events. Place of common growth.

  • IUS International

    IUS International. Youth events aimed at integration of Ukraine into Europe. We are part of Erasmus+ programs, EVS, Youth for Exchamge and Understanding.

  • Inclusive IT

    People with disabilities have the same needs as others. Our objective is to bring closer informational technologies and people with disabilities.

Who are we

IUS is a group of young people who want to integrate people with disabilities into society. This is an NGO that publicizes European changes in Ukrainian society through various meetings of youth leaders.This is an NGO that changes Lviv and Sensoteca in Stryiskyi Park in particular.

What we advocate


IUS is a youth organization which is committed to participation of people with disabilities in our programs. IUS cares about the image of Ukraine among European youth.


To facilitate development of inclusive and tolerant society in Ukraine, especially by including people with disabilities and members of other vulnerable social groups to active social life and educational activity aimed at protecting their rights.


Our every small action is always based on the following: to facilitate self-realization of person with disabilities and promotion of his/her success. Every project in international cooperation is a small step to realize the place of Ukraine in Europe.

What people say about us

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